Ten Ways To Make Your Space Cheerful


Blogmas: Day 10

Sometimes our surroundings look so depressing that we need a change. With so much happening in life both personal and professional, it becomes difficult to care about the space we are living in.

I have heard somewhere that all living spaces reflect our state of mind and today I am going to share top 10 ways to make the living space more cheerful.

  1. Put up some string lights
  2. Pictures of happy memories
  3. A happy quote on the wall
  4. Play some good music
  5. Change the paint if possible
  6. Add some flowers
  7. Display your achievements no matter how silly they are
  8. Make your bed as cosy as possible
  9. Dedicate a space for specifically for your hobbies
  10. Declutter. I once read somewhere that our space becomes more cluttered as we get stressed and decluttering is a way to trick your brain into thinking that everything is perfect.

Alright guys, so these are my 10 tips to transform your surroundings into a happy and cheerful space.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please let me know in comments section.


Photo by Annie Spratt
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo


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  1. adding flowers is a good one. I picked up the habit of getting flowers once a week when I was in Europe. right now I have poinsettias plus the poinsettia from last year that is just now starting to turn red. 🙂

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    • Flowers make everything more cheerful! I don’t know how it happens but I automatically feel better after I look at some flowers, I have a habit of clicking pictures of flowers I spot anywhere at anytime.


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