Eleven Ways To Show Love



Blogmas: Day 11

In the other post, I talked about the importance of showing love to the people and today I am going to share eleven ways to show love to someone.

  1. Help them with their chores
  2. Get flowers for them or a plant
  3. Express gratitude
  4. Write them a letter, handwritten is always more special
  5. Cook for them
  6. Spend time with them, like a day out or a fancy dinner or anything you two like
  7. Listen to them
  8. Encourage them to follow their dreams
  9. Give thoughtful gifts
  10. Big bear hugs
  11. Say ‘I love you’

These are not the only ways, just a few to practice. But as the saying goes, “To each one its own” you must have something special like a memory or a joke or something as silly as possible. Cherish it and them because to have a loved one and to be loved is the most special thing in the entire universe.


Photo by Jade
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo


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