Twelve Reasons To Talk It Out

Blogmas: Day 12

Talking about what is bothering you and how you are feeling is very difficult because it puts you in a vulnerable spot. And who likes to be exposed to the outside world? However, I am going to convince you today that it is very important to share your feelings and thoughts with others.

Here are twelve reasons why you should talk it out:

  1. Bottling up the thoughts and emotions is very unhealthy
  2. A healthy way to exhaust all the toxic thoughts crawling into your headspace
  3. It calms your mind
  4. It gives you a fresh perspective, something you did not think about, earlier
  5. You will find the right help and support
  6. When you talk to someone, your brain automatically starts believing that you are not alone in this world.
  7. It is a stress buster
  8. It is the first step of getting better because you finally have the courage to acknowledge the elephant in the room
  9. As humans, we need interactions to function properly
  10. It makes you strong from within
  11. It creates more space for positive thoughts in your headspace
  12. It is excellent for your mental health

So, what do you think?

Convinced yet?

Even if you are not, then please listen to me once and try.

Photo by Korney Violin
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo


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