Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Love Your Body


Blogmas: Day 13

Hello, hello, hello!

Today I am back with a very important topic about loving our bodies. In a world full of perfect instagram pictures and photoshop, it is becoming difficult to not give into the pressure of comparing ourselves with the pictures in the magazines. So, I am sharing 13 reasons to love the body you have been blessed with.

  1. It has been tailor-made just for you
  2. Your imperfections are unique, just like you
  3. It is all you have, literally
  4. A healthy body has a healthy mind
  5. You will be in a more cheerful mood
  6. It will improve your work efficiency, be it studying or a job
  7. It reduces stress
  8. It improves your relationships because to love someone, you need to love yourself first
  9. It improves your self-esteem
  10. You will become a better and healthier version of your current self because when you love someone, you want the absolute best for them
  11. You will discover a lot of new things about yourself
  12. It will make you more confident
  13. Hating yourself takes a lot of time and energy, who has got time for that?

Here is another post on the same theme: Letter To My Body

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
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