Eighteen Things You Should Never Say To Your Body


Blogmas: Day 18

Hello, let’s talk about our bodies for a while. Our body is the most talked or attacked thing in the world. In a world with so many social media platforms, it is very common to be stuck in the loop where you keep comparing yourself with the perfect pictures of perfect people on social media. I am not asking you to stop appreciating the people you admire, all I am saying is that in process please don’t lose your respect for your body.

Here are 18 things you should NEVER say to your body.

  1. ‌Wish I was more like her
  2. ‌Wish my hair had a different texture
  3. ‌Only if I could lose a few kgs
  4. ‌I don’t like my skin
  5. ‌Ugh I have weird freckles
  6. ‌Wish my butt was bigger/smaller
  7. ‌My nose is so crooked
  8. ‌Why do I have uneven teeth
  9. ‌My stretch marks stress me
  10. ‌My skin tone is so pathetic
  11. ‌Only if I had flat stomach * nobody has a perfectly flat stomach, unlike people on social media. They capture their best angles in perfect light*
  12. ‌I have flappy arms
  13. ‌I hate how ginormous my thighs are * it’s in your head*
  14. ‌It’s shameful that I have no jawline
  15. ‌Only if I was a few inches taller
  16. ‌I don’t have good eyebrows * eyebrow style keeps changing every few years. I remember there was a time when super thin, barely there was a thing *
  17. What if I don’t eat for some days? * Please, never ever torture yourself like that! It’s the most unhealthy thing in the world *
  18. Ughh!I hate my body.

‌Disclaimer: I am not asking you to stop exercising or being healthy. I am asking you to stop torturing yourself. All I am asking you is to eat healthily and exercise well to make yourself better.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
Photo by Kiệt Hí


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    • Thank you so much, babe❤ It’s unavoidable in today’s world but what breaks my heart is when it starts controlling your life. My 12 year old baby cousin stopped wearing shorts because someone in her school said her thighs are too big! It’s too toxic if you let it run your life.


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