Twenty Things To Do This Holiday Season


Blogmas: Day 20

Hello, I am back with another fun list. Sharing with you the things you can do this holiday season.

  1. Donate, whatever you can
  2. Visit a retirement home, because your time and attention is all that they need
  3. Adopt a pet, but please think it through
  4.  Do not bring your work home
  5. Start new holiday traditions
  6. Go through old pictures for a beautiful trip down the memory lane
  7. Binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix
  8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  9. Go on a solo trip, if holidays are not your favourite time of the year
  10. Send handwritten letters
  11. Eat food without calorie counting, you can always burn the calories off
  12. Light scented candles, these are very calming
  13. Have a festive brunch with friends
  14. Explore the city
  15. Visit a fair or carnival
  16. Treat yourself to a pampering session
  17. Host a party
  18. Hang string lights around the house
  19. Bake cookies
  20. Spend time with the family, without social media

Have fun

Photo by David Pentek
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo


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