Twenty One Days Self Care Routine


Blogmas: Day 21

From the past 20 days, I have been talking about various aspects of self-care but won’t it be easy if there was a routine which could cater to all our self-care needs without being stressful? Well, today I am sharing my own 21 days self-care routine to help you guys.

  • Day 01: Meditate for 10 minutes. Play soothing music and focus on breathing
  • Day 02: Morning affirmation
  • Day 03: Go to bed 20 minutes before your usual time
  • Day 04: Drink more water
  • Day 05: Have at least four meals a day
  • Day 06: Sun salutation or 10 minutes of cardio workout
  • Day 07: Write journal
  • Day 08: Declutter
  • Day 09: Catch up with the pending work which you have been ignoring for a long time
  • Day 10: Go for a walk
  • Day 11: Social media detox, try limiting your usage to 4 hours
  • Day 12: Spend time with friends
  • Day 13: Read a self help book
  • Day 14: Call a loved one
  • Day 15: Work on your hobby
  • Day 16: Buy flowers or a plant for your home
  • Day 17: Cook for yourself
  • Day 18: Watch at least one episode of friends, let’s be honest, it’s difficult to stop after just one episode. So 4-5 episodes will be fine.
  • Day 19: A pampering session
  • Day 20: A solo day out
  • Day 21: Change your home decor. Like, hang up some fairy lights or a positive quote or light a scented candle or just anything you want to do.

This routine will set the pace of your journey towards self-care and you can make some changes in the routine if there is something that you do not like. Also, there are multiple routines all over the internet, find one which suits you or simply follow this one.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas


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