Twenty Four Journal Ideas

Blogmas: Day 24

Hey guys, from the moment I posted about how important journaling is, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding what to write in a journal and how to proceed with it. So, to make the process easier for you, I have made this list of 24 journaling ideas for the occasion when you don’t know what to write.

  1. Things that make me happy
  2. Things I am grateful for
  3. Places I have traveled
  4. People who have made an impact in my life
  5. Inspirational quotes
  6. Things I worry the most about
  7. One line a day
  8. Morning entries of thoughts
  9. Monthly journal
  10. Things I love about myself
  11. Things I want to change about myself
  12. My emergency self care routine
  13. My achievements
  14. Asking self awareness questions and answering them
  15. Summary of a book that changed my life
  16. Freehand drawing
  17. Bucket list
  18. Paste pictures of happy memories
  19. Daily diary entry
  20. Favourite poetry
  21. Things that make me angry
  22. How I cope up with tough situations
  23. Letter to my future self
  24. What I want to do with my life

Have fun journaling.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo 

Photo by David Iskander


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