Life Update 2018 – My Mental Health




*Waves vigorously*

How are you guys doing? Hope the year has been good for you all.

I have had a rough time where my mental health is concerned. Don’t worry, now I am doing better than I have been in a really long time.

I knew I had to do something, take control of the situation before it changed for worse. It was getting impossible for me to function properly, even doing simple daily tasks. I withdrew myself from everything and everyone, I pulled off from every social media platform and even stopped meeting my friends. There were some days when I didn’t want to leave my bed at all. Got plenty of crazy haircuts and had very many negative thoughts. It was a nasty time.

But, I seeked help. My mum held my hand and kept pushing me to work on my progress throughout the process. And it makes me elated to inform you that I am getting better.

I went out with my family a few times and even met with my friends twice. I also learnt how to swim. My therapist says it’s a wonderful progress. So, here I am sharing my happy news with you guys. There’s only going forward from here.

I also want to thank Carolyn from Nuggets of Gold for reaching out to me. It made me smile getting a mail from you.

I am resuming blogging from today. I hope you guys support me in my progress and show love to the blog, the way you did earlier.

Thank you for reading.




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  1. Thank you for the blogvisit today. 🙂
    There is a lot more of ‘reality’ in this world than we can ever feel really comfortable with taking in – at times it gets to the point where we feel overwhelmed and withdrawing away from that is not too bad an idea – up to a point.
    Learning to take small steps back into ‘outside’ life to the point where we remain comfortable and in charge ( as much as is possible for us) is, as you say, as gradual process. Maintain the balance between self and all else and try to not let one override the other too much at any one time. A good friend or mentor could help with this but in the end it is down to what you do that makes you be your best.
    Trust yourself, but if possible, get outside confirmation! Or better yet get Inside Confirmation from the One Source of Everything.
    That’s the best i’ve got – for now! 😉

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    • This is one of the most beautiful description of someone’s state of mind, I have ever read 🌸 I really enjoy your insights.
      I am fairly certain that you are really a fun person to talk to ☺

      Thank you for your amazing words☺


  2. You are too kind, and very generous of Spirit also. -)
    Such a good combination to find in a person, but one you may need to be careful of as many people (hopefully not too many!) may try to take advantage of it.

    I like to think i have a good sense of humour also, although many times other people can’t quite see when i am being serious and when i am having fun. My humour is often dry and subtle (or not? 😉 )

    Take good care of yourself. 🙂

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    • I was taught, kindness costs nothing! So that’s what I try to keep in mind.Why do I relate so much on the fact that people often confuse my humour and seriousness. I sometimes forget to be subtle and that turns into an uneasy situation 😛
      Take care 🙂

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