A Page From My Journal

Do you feel anything?

Yes, I do.

I feel a lot of things,

Like I am inhaling carbon dioxide
in a world surrounded by millions of trees
supplying tonnes of pure oxygen.
Like when everyone is sucking up on the oxygen
I feel like particles sticking in my windpipe,
choking my throat
Burning my eyes
to a point that water runs down them.

I run to the windows,
Only to find them sealed, permanently
I run to the door, desperately
Only to find it locked from outside.

I try my hardest to break it open,
But it never does.

From sleeping to the chirping birds
to waking up to them.
Things should have changed for good.
However, the darkness still exists,
Only difference is that
earlier it used to mesh with the dark nights
and now the bright sun rays create a very strong contrast
Making everything more prominent
And real.

This is what I really want to tell you
along with a lot of other things
but all I really say is,


Photo by Brent Gorwin

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