The Feeling Called Love

Plea To The One Who Has My Heart

O lover of mine! My heart is at your mercy, hope you treat it well. Although, hoping is the only thing I can do now because my heart stopped being mine the moment you took my breath away.

Your touches soothe the scars I have had on my soul from multiple journeys. Your kisses are patching up the punctures of my heart. Inch by inch you are chipping off the walls that I have held onto for as long as I could remember.

Your love has already fogged up my head space and that should terrify me. But I am not scared at all, I don’t hear any cautionary sirens in my head. For the first time I am not scared of losing my sanity, I am not scared of falling head over heels in love and above all, I am not scared of letting you in.

Because you are not like anyone I have known before. It’s beyond my understanding how someone could be so kind and giving. Sometimes I wonder if all this is a wonderful dream but your kisses and reassurances sing the songs of a beautiful reality. The kind of reality which only happens in books that end in happily ever afters.

So, here I am baring all. The good, the bad, the ugly. Giving you another chance to walk away, although I am praying that you won’t.

Thanks for reading.

Photo by NeONBRAND


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