How To Pull The Plug On Life Support

How do you pull the plug to suck life out of a body? How can you make up your mind if it’s the time for you to say goodbye to the one person who matters the most to you? How can you decide to take away the life of someone who is the reason you live?

Even though it kills you everyday to see millions of tubes running through their body.
Even though the needles poking their body hurt you as if they are poking you.
The beeping noise of the life support machine still gives you some kind of hope.

Is it selfish to hold on a little longer? Maybe it is.

But how do you decide if it’s enough?
How do you know that your time together has come to an end?
There are always some flickers of hope,
making you wonder how can someone so lively be breathing with machines.
How can the person whose hand you are holding right now be gone, already.

How can you possibly think rationally?
How can you live after knowing that you are the one who gave a nod to kill the person who was your world.
How can you sign the documents which literally say you want to take their life
And how do you take a decision about someone’s life on their behalf?

Guess you will never know!
Only thing you will be left with
their memories
your guilt.

Photo by Daan Stevens

A friend of our family is going through some terrible times. The sickness has captured almost all the organs and there’s nothing that can be done. He is on a life support machine and there hasn’t been any positive news in more than a month. It’s heartbreaking to see the mental battle on the faces of his wife and kids, it’s painful to see them struggling between the finality of the situation and hope. Please pray for him and send lots of strength to the family.



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    • Oh my god. My heart hurts so much for your son and his wife. Being born a premature baby myself, I have heard a lot about my mother’s thoughts on how scared and uncertain she was for a long time. Not that it is anywhere similar to your son’s situation, but I kind of understand. No parent should ever go through that harsh situation. Hope everything is going well now.

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  1. Thank you for such kind words. For the most part everything is fine. Their first born son is 7 now and in first grade. He is and will be My only grandchild because my daughter in law got fixed after the preemie was born and my daughter got fixed due to female problem. Anyways everyone is doing well.

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