The Feeling Called Love

Will You Ever Trust Me?

You don’t trust me
Your body language is screaming all the tell tale signs of a liar,
still I choose to believe you and your white lies.
Hoping, maybe you will tell me
You will tell me what’s hurting you
You will tell me what haunts you at night
Maybe you will open your closet of demons to me
Maybe you will let me kiss your wounds and scars
Maybe you’ll trust me, one day.
But there’s no rush
I am not going anywhere
Take all the time in the world
Try to push me away with all your might
But, darling, I promise you.
I am here to stay.
Through the dull stormy days
Through the delightful spring days
Through our adventure of adoration
Because, I have been looking for you all my life
And do you think I will let go the only precious thing that I have in my life.

Thanks for reading

Photo by Zohre Nemati


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