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A Blind Date With The World

Most of us have been on at least one blind date in our life. It’s either hit or miss, but what if I convince you that there is a form of blind dating where you will always hit the bull’s eye? What if  I tell you that you can go on a blind date and never have to worry about your frequency being off? What if I tell you that there exists a kind of blind date which will never disappoint you?

You would not believe me, right? I would have not believed myself either before I came to know about this awesome concept of #TheBlindList.

What #TheBlindList exactly is?

The Blind list is the key to exploring the world. You heard it right. The blind list is one stop to the enriching experience of the world that awaits.

All of us are aware of travel bucket lists, I, myself has a huge travel bucket list. But the blind list asks you to do something beyond your bucket list. It challenges you to be open to new experiences.

What Convinced Me To Go On A Blind Date With The World?

I have been travelling to different places ever since I was 5 years old. I am blessed to be born to parents who believe that travelling shapes character. I still get the same amount of thrill whenever I am travelling, as I did when I was a little kid. And when I was presented with the opportunity to travel to the unknown, I could not resist.

I am an avid Travel channel viewer, nothing cheers me up more than watching people experience amazing cultures and cuisines. In my dreams, I often replace the TV host and do all the things they were doing (waking up after those dreams is very disheartening.) It’s alarming how real everything seems but at least the sleeping me gets to have fun, a week ago I travelled to Dublin and the pictures are still so crisp in my brain! (Has this ever happened to you?)

I wish to travel as much of the world as possible before I die. I want to meet a lot of new people and above all, I want to have a life full of superb experiences which can make me a cool grandmother in the future, just like my late grandfather.

I think the best kind of growth one can achieve is through experiences and explorations. And by exploration, I don’t just mean exploring the world. When you travel, you discover who you are! Self exploration plays a vital role in your personality, you get to meet a version of yourself which you never thought existed.

A little mystery is important to keep life interesting and this can be maintained by exploring the world.

So, I am going to say yes to the blind list.
A yes to the prospect of a blind date with the world.

If you need some more inspiration, watch this video.


Are you ready to go on a blind date with the world?

Photo by Rana Sawalha


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  1. A blind date with the world. A travelers dream come true. That’s an interesting facet of self-exploration. Imagine how bored the people of N.Korea are? The best they can hope for is to switch on the Tele and watch their president Kim Jong-un travel. 🙂

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