Self-Care 101

Beginners Guide To Take Yourself On A Date

Have you ever taken yourself out on a date?
Have you ever treated yourself nicely just for fun?
I have.

Today I am going to tell you how you too can go out on a date with yourself.

Yes, I am absolutely serious!
Isn’t self-love the first step towards love?
So, let’s practice that.

Step 1: Make reservations

Decide where you want to go, what kind of food you want to eat and the amount you are willing to splurge. Deciding everything beforehand gives you a sense of control and composure which is very important if it is your first date ever with yourself. However, if you are the go with the flow kind, then the world is your playground.

Step 2: Buy flowers

Flowers are very important. I repeat flowers are must (except when you have allergies, then chocolates, maybe?) Flowers have the magical tendency to lighten everything up and let’s admit it, getting flowers from our dates is so romantic. So, be romantic and get yourself your favourite flowers and put a card which says, “You are amazing.”

Step 3: Plan your Outfit

Wear your best first date kind of outfit, the one which makes you feel sexy and confident. Go fancy, treat yourself. Wear comfortable shoes, the ones which your feet love.

Step 4: Spa

You do not have to spend thousands of rupees on spa, you can easily give yourself a spa day at home. A face mask, deep conditioning and painting your nails is as good as any fancy spa where you pay a huge amount of money. Remember, it’s all about what you want.

Step 5: Style your hair

Personally, I use my hair to express my style and mood. Want to try a new hairstyle, do that. Want to get a haircut, why not!

Step 6: Carry a Journal

This is the most crucial step. The journal is your best friend, write down your entire experience as it is happening, it is better than writing it at the end of the day. Write into it when you are waiting for your food, taking the metro or while you are eating. It’s your date, you can do whatever you want to.

Step 7: Click Pictures

Take as many selfies as you want, click pictures of your food, your flowers and everything else. Try to get as many visual memories as possible, after all, it’s your first solo date. Go to Snapchat or Instagram and let everyone know that you are on a date with yourself.

Step 8: Watch the sunset

I am a huge fan of sunsets, it is the most magical time of the day, every moment is so unique. The sky changes every second and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. A perfect date should end with a sunset gazing session.

Step 9: Relax

Relax, don’t put pressure on yourself. A date is only fun when you are not stressing over details. You are treating yourself so nothing is wrong or stupid. If you still feel like it’s a bit taxing and you can’t completely relax, then remember when has a first date ever gone smoothly.

Alright, guys, this is my nine-step guide to a solo date. I hope you try it and give yourself a chance.

Thank you for reading.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

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