4 Basics Of Mental Health (As Told By My Doctor)


On the fourth day of blogmas, I am going to talk about 4 pillars of a good mental health. These were told by a medical professional so pay extra attention to this one.

Breathing exercise

In the previous post, I introduced you to the concept of breathing exercises. The reason why I am stressing so much on breathing exercise is that they are the lifesaver! They transform your life completely and make you feel very light. If you want to corporate a breathing exercise routine, then set aside 20 minutes of your day for “pranayamas” or breathing exercises that are taught in the yoga class

Cardio exercise

To feel better, you have to get your heartbeat rate up, period. There is no other way. You cannot feel good if you do not have enough blood and oxygen supply in your brain. And how do you make sure that your brain gets enough blood supply? By cardio exercises.

There are plenty of options available, you can choose anything from the list below:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jump Rope Skipping
  • Swimming
  • Zumba

These are some of the things that I like. Whatever you do, just increase the heartbeat rate.


When things started getting worse, I gave up on my hobbies, it was one of my biggest mistakes. Your hobbies keep you alive! Do not let go of them when you start losing control. Create something, gain knowledge and have fun. Read a book, write something, paint, sketch, do anything you like. Keep feeding your soul.

Good food

This one is a given. It is not rocket science that you need nutritious food to ensure that your body is functioning properly. But when things go south, we ignore food. Imagine dealing with issues and not getting enough nutrition, it’s like underpaid overtime for your brain.

Alright, guys, these are the fundamentals of a good mental health. Never ignore any of these and you will be good to go.

Hope you have a good mental health.

Thank you for reading.

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk
Photo by Quân Nguyễn


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