6 Things That Happen When You Talk About Your Mental Health


On the sixth day of blogmas I will share six things that happened to me when I talked about my mental health.

You realise that you are not alone

This is a huge deal. When you realise that you are not alone and a lot of people care about you, it does wonder to your mental health. Our mind has a tendency to play wicked games when it’s under stress, it makes us think so less of us and when we realise that there are many people who love us, that’s the exact point when the healing begins.

You understand what’s going on with you

The more you speak about, the better you get at understanding yourself and the ways you can make yourself feel better. It is a long process, but you get there and the relief that you feel is unexplainable.

People around you understand you better

When your loved ones finally know what you have been going through, they become more empathetic. Now they know the reason for your random outbursts, your midnight crying sessions and your moody behaviour. They try and learn the best way to make you feel better.

You connect with a lot of similar people, it becomes like a support group

If you have a group of people who are struggling through similar issues, they will do everything possible to pull you out from the darkness. They know how it feels and they also know how to deal with it. When you open up on the internet about the things you have been going through, you meet a lot of such people and they are ready to help you even though you are a stranger to them

You get a way of channelling your negative thoughts

When you start vocalising the pain you have been dealing with, it gets out of your head. All the thoughts which were crowding your headspace get out and you feel relaxed. You finally find the outlet which your brain had been searching for a really long time.

You accept that you are not out of ordinary

Self-acceptance is the most difficult and crucial part of any journey. You can only heal if you accept and you accept when you start talking about it. Mental health is still not talked about openly in society and that’s why we have such a hard time accepting that there is nothing wrong with us.

So, talk about to someone, anyone you are comfortable with.

Hope you have a good mental health!

Thanks for reading.

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk
Photo by Trung Thanh


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