10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Mental Health


On the tenth day of blogmas, I am sharing a list of what and what not to do when you hit the low. When dealing with bad mental health days, it becomes extra important to keep us occupied in the right direction.

What to do?

  1. Manicure: Either get a manicure done or give yourself a manicure, who doesn’t like pretty nails?
  2. Draw/ paint: Art is the best therapy, there is nothing more relaxing than colours. You can also buy the adult colouring books, they are super fun and relaxing.
  3. Write: If art is too challenging for you, you can always try the brain dump method where you write every thought of yours on a piece of paper. You will feel very light and calm after it, I promise.
  4. Watch a movie: Nothing is better than getting lost in the beautiful cinematography and rooting for your favourite characters.
  5. Read a book: If you prefer reading over watching movies, spend time with your favourite books, I am more of a book person and I read whenever I want to take a break from reality.
  6. Photoshoot: Treat yourself with photoshoots, self-portraits have the ability to make you feel amazing.
  7. Call someone: Talking to the loved ones always helps, talk to someone about what’s on your mind and what is bothering you
  8. Face mask: Self-love and then some more of it.
  9. Play video game: There are tons of games available choose anything you like because never forget the joy we had while playing on Gameboy for hours.
  10. Organise your closet: Organising and cleaning are very satisfying to some, so why don’t you give it a try.


What not to do?

  1. Cut your hair: Mental breakdowns lead to poor haircuts and hair takes really long to grow.
  2. Pick your skin: You will get crazy skin breakouts 
  3. Addiction: Addiction is your worst enemy, please don’t use drugs or food as your coping mechanism
  4. Give up eating: Your body needs all the energy it can get in order to make you feel better
  5. Cut off from friends: I did this and I want to tell you that you need all the support you can get from your friends and family, they love you.
  6. Staying in bed all day: You have to keep yourself moving, don’t give up so easily.
  7. Attempting self-harm: Please understand that people love you and your life matters, however even if you attempted harming yourself, never feel guilty about it. Think about how strong you are that you came out of it.
  8. Reading negative material: Social media is full of it and if there is a trigger warning, just don’t read it.
  9. Making impulsive life decisions: There is nothing wrong in being impulsive but when you are having a breakdown, try to stay away from making huge decisions, they end up turning bad.
  10. Ignoring medication: Never skip a day

Whenever during a breakdown you have the urge to do the don’ts, pick something from the list of do’s.

Hope you have good mental health!

Thanks for reading.

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk
Photo by Annie Spratt


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