My Third Blog Anniversary




Hello, friends from the internet!

Today’s post is a celebratory post, yes, I am celebrating a very special occasion.

My Third Blogversary!!

This year has been crazy, challenging and overwhelming. But hey, it’s a process, a way towards becoming my best self, right? I took a break from every social media platform, every single one. Utilised all my energy towards getting better.

This year I decided to seek help for my mental health, it was both a very scary and the bravest thing. I also decided to speak about my struggles and that’s when I realised the beauty of this community. I am truly blessed and I don’t know what good karma is paying off, you guys are amazing! The support and love that you guys have given me are precious to me, I am indebted forever.

If I look back to the happy memories of this year, nothing tops the relief I felt after my first session at the therapist office. I also learnt how to swim, I went from sitting on the edge of the swimming pool to diving into the deep end, it was a very empowering experience. I saw the beaches for the first time ever, I was mesmerised.

I met so many special people this year, who gave nothing but love to me. I also made some really good friends, people who get me, who want the best for me.

Let’s take a look at my favourite posts that I made this year.

Life Update 2018 – My Mental Health

This is the first post I made after taking a long break. Opening up about how things have been made it even more real. I still remember it took me weeks before I finally pressed the publish button.

A Page From My Journal

A Page From My JournalI wrote this one while waiting for my therapy session. I was in a very vulnerable state during this, I remember crying while re-reading it before publishing it. This is the truest I had ever been and it was a scary feeling.

7 Reasons Why I Broke Your Heart

7 Reasons Why I Broke Your HeartThe classic recipe of choosing yourself before a relationship. Things you want to say but you don’t, the one big heartbreak of your life because there’s nobody to put blame on.

Plea To The One Who Has My Heart

Plea-To-The-One-Who-Has-My-Heart.pngGiving your heart to someone is scary and beautiful. You are helpless, you can’t do but love them and wish that they love you back. This post talks about that wishful thinking.

How To Prepare A Self Care Kit

How-To-Prepare-A-Self-Care-Kit-specscladeyesThe theme of this year was self-love and to ease out the entire process, I prepared a guide to help you prepare a self-care kit.

Happy Birthday, Love, Rest In Peace

Happy-Birthday-Love-Rest-In-Peace-specscladeyesThis is the annual birthday post of my late best friend. She was the most beautiful human, and the best friend you could ask for. She is a huge part of my life and will always be.

Beginners Guide To Take Yourself On A Date

beginners-guide-to-take-yourself-on-a-date-specscladeyesIf you have any confusion regarding taking yourself out on a date, this is your go-to post. Follow the simple steps to practice self-love, after all, it’s the best kind of love!

One Of The Rough Nights (Mental Health Wise)

One-Of-The-Rough-Nights-specscladeyesThis post took everything I had and some more. I have never discussed with anyone how bad a rough night could be. The struggle, the confusion and the emotions, I penned it all. Was it easy? No. But I got messages and comments from people who go through similar nights and they still get up the next day. Because we are warriors!

Wrapping Up Blogmas 2018 – A Take On Mental Health

wrapping-up-blogmas-2018-a-take-on-mental-health-specscladeyesThis year, I continued my blogmas tradition. The theme of this blogmas was mental health. On all fifteen days of blogmas, I talked about the things that I have learnt so far and the things that my doctor told me.

Thank you for being a part of my year, for supporting me and for appreciating my writings. 

*blows kisses*

Love you guys!


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  1. Hi Specscladeyes, I must commend your creativity and the evergreen words you bring up each time you publish on your blog. You made my 2018 incredible and I always look forward to your next publications. In the same light, I have received a good number of likes from you on my blogs as well. It really gladdens my heart each time I notice your likes and comments.
    More importantly, I have a forthcoming publication titled ‘Voices’ and I am in need of contributing poets on this one. I am hoping you will be interested in contributing to this effort. ‘Voices’ as titled is meant to discuss about the different visage of love – sweet love and sour love. In this publication, each contributing poets will come up with two poems; one perfect love story and the other, a sad love story.
    I was studying at your blog and I discover you have done so much on this subject matter, if given the permission I will go ahead to pick from the poems on your blog. I am hoping to have (15) fifteen contributing poets; among these poets are: Robert Okaji, Ragazza Triste, Vinz-Double-O, Luna, Frank Solanki, Baffy Basics, Cubby, Shefali among others. Your contribution and support will be well acknowledged and preached.
    Thanks for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Victor Eshameh-Giftedminds

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