My 2019 Vision Board, Here’s How You Can Make One Too

Happy 2019 guys!!!

Hope this year brings you a lot of joy.

I know I am two weeks late. I decided to take a breather after the blogmas last year.

So here I am feeling very positive and happy, sharing my first post of 2019 with you.

Every new year begins with resolutions, some followed and some broken. This year I came across the concept of the vision board.

I asked on my instagram if anyone knew what a vision board is and the results were surprising.

Here’s the result from my instagram poll.


What is a vision board?

Vision board is a means of visualising your future, it is a representation of how your dream life would look like. It is also a great Law Of Attraction manifestation tool. To simplify, it is a board where you stick pictures which reflect your life goals, some people like to call it the dream board.

Here’s an excerpt from the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

Knowing the law of attraction, I wanted to really put it to
use and to see what would happen. In 1995 I started to create
something called a Vision Board, where I take something that
I want to achieve, or something that I want to attract, like
a car or a watch or the soul mate of my dreams, and I put a
picture of what I want up on this board. Every day I would
sit in my office and I would look up at this board and I would
start to visualize. I would really get into the state of having
already acquired it.

How to make a vision board

Step 1: Write your goals and desires on a sheet of paper.

What is something you want to achieve this year? It can be anything, just remember, every board is different. For first timers, you can choose from the list below.

  • Fitness Goal
  • Mental Health
  • Career Goal
  • Relationships
  • Travelling
  • Hobbies
  • Self Care

Step 2: Choose your mode of visual board.

It could be either physical or virtual. Some people prefer the physical board usually a cork board and others prefer using the technology and apps. Pinterest is a great platform if you want a virtual board, another method is to create a collage and set it as your phone background.

Step 3: Collect material

For the physical approach, grab magazines, they have high-quality photos. You can also print out the pictures and use them. The choices are unlimited if you want to use pinterest.

Step 4: Choose a quote of the year

I first came across the concept of quote of the year from Amber Scholl’s video. The quote acts as a theme for the entire year, the mantra of the year.

Step 5: Plan the layout

Try to make your board visually appealing, because if it’s pretty to look at, you would want to look at it more often. LaurDiy’s video is a great example, alternatively, you can just google different vision boards.

Step 6: Place it where you can see it every day

This is a very important step, decide a place where your eyes go every day. Next to your vanity, bookshelf, your workspace, the choices are endless. The phone background is also a very good option for virtual boards.

You made the board, now what?

The board is not a magic tool, it won’t work if you don’t put efforts. Treat the board as a daily reminder of how you want your life to be. If you can see your goals every day, it makes the process of achieving them quick and easy.

Karen Wodstrup has written a very helpful post on vision boards, be sure to check it out, it will give you more clarity on the matter.

My 2019 vision board


The things I want to achieve this year

  • Trekking
  • Get fit
  • Clear skin
  • Get a job
  • Mental health
  • Click Portraits, I have never clicked pictures of people.
  • Eat healthy
  • Journal, this year I am going to try the one question everyday form of journaling
  • Improve my sleep-cycle
  • Blog consistently

My quote of the year:

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”– Oscar Wilde

Why am I sharing it with you?

Putting it out for everyone to see will help me stay on track. I will stay focused because now I am accountable to you guys too.

Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year, once again!

Photo by Kaylah Otto

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  1. Just so you know, I linked this post in my upcoming blog post “Misadventures: The Vision Board” (scheduled to be published on Fri. Jan 25 at 5:35 pm). Thanks for brining this to my attention. It was a great and informative article. I’d heard of these before but never really looked much into it. Great job!

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