The Feeling Called Love

Reality Versus Romance

“We will be okay, right?”, he asked while looking into her eyes, searching for assurances even though he’s the one who is good with assurances.

She nodded with glassy eyes, trying to smile. “Promise me”, she said.

“Promise you what? “, he asked, twirling her rebellious curls which always escaped her ponytail.
“Promise me that you won’t miss me”, she asked him, cupping his face.
“You know I can’t make false promises”, he took her hands into his.
“But I need you to promise me, I need you to tell me that you won’t miss me, that you won’t give me a 3am call saying we made a mistake, I need you to listen to me for the last time. Please”, she said.

“I have one condition”, he told her and wiped her tears.
“Please don’t make it harder than it already is”, she begged.
Putting her hands around his neck, he said, “I will give you my word if you promise to do the same.”

Hugging him as hard as possible, soaking his powder blue shirt she muttered the faintest YES.

And just like that, the decision was made. A decision which will change the course of their lives, a decision which tore the possibility of their chance at happily ever after.

In his too-stunned-to-react state, he held her at arm’s length, piercing her eyes with a gaze which was asking her to take the words back. “This is it then?”, He asked, still in the shock.
“Yes, this is it”, she replied, moving away from his embrace. “Goodbye, then”, he said and kissed her cheek.
“Goodbye”, she muttered.

“Take care, love you”, he said to her back. “You too”, she said while moving away from him and when she was at a good distance she whispered, “Love you, too.”


Photo by NeONBRAND


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  1. Love is like a cup of tea and not just tea.


    All mixed well

    Heated properly

    Then poured into a cup

    Love is like that


    Mixed well
    Face everything
    Support each other

    Poured into the shield of faith and trust

    Brings you best of love

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