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Specscladeyes is a blogger and photographer. She firmly believes in equality and love for all. She likes to talk, a lot!


Is this the end?? She asked in a concluding tone. Maintaining the poker face, he replied, Our paths will cross again, someday With a flicker of underlying emotions, We will nod and move on Putting on the facade,again! Shaking hands, wishing luck, They parted. Until they meet AGAIN. Advertisements

New Year’s Eve

How does it feel when something comes to an end? How does it feel when you finish a task? How does it feel when you turn the last page of a novel? How does it feel when a song ends? How does it feel when a movie ends? […]

You Were Meant Not To Fit

Do you find it difficult to blend in with the opinions of others? Well, I do! Most of the times, I have different opinions which instigate the disliking syndrome in fellow humans. Reason being, I am not  behaving the way they want me to. Actually, my brain does not behave […]

The Helping Couple

This post is for two of my favourite people in the world. They inspire me each and every time I meet them. Their house always gives positive vibes with a soothing chirping music in the background. Background first : Mrs. and Mr. Bagga. They have been married for […]


The most important part of any tree is its root. It is that part which ensures that the tree is ALIVE. It supplies all the nutritional requirements to a tree . It is a powerhouse, a BLACK-BOX. Roots are significant to the value system of an individual. Stronger […]

The First Step

What is the most important part of achieving something? It is the initial step you take to proceed in that direction. The first step is the one which matters the most. Once you have taken the first step, things become easy as you have to follow the defined […]