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Praise Yourself

Do you know, few kind words are enough to make someone’s day? Do you know, few positive words are enough to push someone to try harder? Do you know, few praises are enough to change somebody’s life? The answer to all the questions above is a YES.  We have […]

The Karma Connection

Do you believe in the statement, “There is a reason for everything happening in the universe”? Do you believe in Karma? Karma is the reward or punishment of our own actions. It revolves around the concept of “You reap what you sow.” It is a powerful word which makes us […]

Brain Vs Heart

“Crisis”, said the heart, meekly. “Challenge”, said the brain, confidently. It is all about the way we see things. Our approach in tackling the situations makes all the difference. Everyone goes through a bad phase but the attitude decides the duration of mishappenings. A positive attitude and the faith to […]

The Sanctuary Within

How often do we try and escape a situation? How often do we think about quitting the battle of inner peace? We search for shelter, we search for another soul to confide in. We may or may not find them, but the battle continues. A moment of peace, […]

Punishment Of Giving Up Hope

What is hope? Hope is a four letter word which basically defines the method of survival during all kinds of life situations. It is a strong force which keeps us on our toes and makes sure that we walk along the way which leads us to our goals. Hope ensures […]

Guide To A Solo Day-Out

Take a day out of your normal routine, put on your Carefree slippers and start moving. Go visit a place you have always wanted to. Create your own magical story. Be completely attentive to yourself, pamper the hell out of yourself and don’t think about “what if”, just […]

After The Storm

Remember the time when you were struggling hard? Remember the time when you had trouble standing still? Remember the time when you encountered the storm? Let’s analyse storm figuratively, for once. A storm could be a loss of loved one, A storm could be a failed relationship, A […]

A Positive Piece Of Advice

Live life in such a fashion that every moment, every flavour becomes worth framing! No regrets, only lessons to be learnt. Seize the day and hang the highlights on the wall. Celebrate every day. Enjoy every moment! Okay, I know these kind of words look better on paper […]

The Sun Always Shines The Next Day

There comes an evening which carries hues of gloominess. You impatiently wait for the morning but all you get is painful, contemplating time which moves so slowly that you feel like everything is working in slow-mo and all you can do is, sync with the environment. No matter how […]

It’s Time, The Peace Should Prevail

They lost their lives because they did not belong to a particular religion, They got their throat sliced while sipping the coffee, And all we could do was NOTHING. They lost their lives because they believed in love and equality, They got shot while celebrating and spreading happiness, […]