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You’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Have you ever woken up with the realization that you have been doing it all wrong? The approach you have been following, the idea you have been forming, basically every single thing you have done till today is NOT you. The goal which you have been working hard […]

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

Hie everyone!! I’ve been nominated by 2AM: Sceptical Monster to a “Three Day Quote Challenge”. Thank you so much for this nomination. The rules to be followed are: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for three consecutive days Nominate three new bloggers everyday So, for the first day, I […]


I crave for a place where everyone lives life on their own terms. A place where the fear of being judged is non-existent. A place where you can be who YOU are. A place where peace prevails. A place where there is no hatred. A beautiful place where […]

Learnings From The Wild

The composition of the earth is amazing! Millions of species living together in harmony is not an easy task. How has nature created such a wonderful masterpiece and how is it still functioning the way nature had planned? These are some questions that have left me in absolute awe! […]


Millions of secrets, millions of lies, everything is well kept, hidden from the world outside. These doors hold waves of passion and proofs of fights, against depression. Locked away, long forgotten, Waiting for, just the right person.

Let’s Talk About Life

Everyone talks about winning,  about your achievements, your talents and your goals. Everybody expects you to win, but what is more important is your efforts. The outcome of those efforts is secondary. You cannot always win, that’s the harsh reality of life. Even the perfectionists have their share […]


The most important part of any tree is its root. It is that part which ensures that the tree is ALIVE. It supplies all the nutritional requirements to a tree . It is a powerhouse, a BLACK-BOX. Roots are significant to the value system of an individual. Stronger […]

The First Step

What is the most important part of achieving something? It is the initial step you take to proceed in that direction. The first step is the one which matters the most. Once you have taken the first step, things become easy as you have to follow the defined […]

Good Different

Oh! Dear Lord! You are Different. Ever heard this statement? If you have, trust me you are one of those few lucky ones – ” The Uniques” What is the formula of being different? The answer is quite simple, ” Do what you BELIEVE” The Good Different or The […]