Category: Personal

Why Do I Write?

I write because it calms my mind, From all the drama that happens in the life of any normal 22 years old woman. I write because it helps me in getting the clear picture, Of what I am going through at the moment? And of what all I […]

A Work In Progress

Sometimes my head spins, Making me dizzy and overwhelmed. Sometimes I fall apart, Making me question, why did I even start. Sometimes I am unsure, Making me doubt everything and everyone. Sometimes I seek guidance, Making me rise above all my pretense. Sometimes I sit in the blazing […]

“Everything Is Fine”

“How is everything?” “Everything is fine.” I lie through my teeth and pull a smile. You just nod and carry on Just like everyone I have ever known. They say talking about it helps, as if I don’t know! They say it should be easy, hitting a low […]

One Year Blog Anniversary

Hello, everyone!! Today is a very special day for Specscladeyes. Twelve months ago, I joined this wonderful platform to share my thoughts with everyone. That feeling when I pressed the publish button for the first time is beyond words. I still remember the rush of emotions when I got that first […]

Dear, Best Friend

Dear, Best friend I have made peace with the fact that you are never coming back. I have accepted that you are at a far away place and it is impossible, to contact, to share my feelings with you. I am sorry that I was mad at you […]

The Mischievous

Date: 18th August 2016 Day: Thursday Occasion: Rakshabandhan Goal: celebrating the special bond between brothers and sisters with a different routine. The mischievous, the fifth. Let me give you a visual, mischievous smile, naughty eyes and peppy personality. Imagine how amazing the young man is going to be!? […]