Category: The Feeling Called Love

romance as we know it.

Sincere words 

​I still remember the sincerity in your eyes when you told me how it was exactly meant to be. The bitter truth which shattered my happy picture into infinite pieces, your sincere harsh words which drowned me down, all that was very brave of you.  You knew how much I […]

The First Rose

Doctors informed her that he could not make it. There, amidst all the chaos, her life stopped.She could not breathe, she could not react out loud, she lost control over her body. Her heart dropped into a bottomless pit and the only reaction coming out from her body were […]

I Promise

I promise to give all my attention to you, just like the sunflower pays to the sun. I am just waiting for you to be like the sun. I promise to look at you just like the kid looks at the candy. I am just waiting for you to […]

Let Go

Our mind is weird, it paints a beautiful, happy picture of all our dreams. It never warns us about the fact, that things can go wrong. Things will go wrong at some point or the other and you will have no control over the situation. Even if we […]


He was annoyed because she never noticed him. Multiple efforts, tons of tricks and pre-planned accidental meeting, all in vain. Little did he know, she was as impatient as he was, always wondering what will he do next. Always restless to catch a glimpse. This waiting took a  toll on her […]


The topic of love has always been tricky, yet dazzling. Everybody has their own definitions, stories and theories. This topic has the widest range of genres, from cute to hot, from sad to funny, the silly ones, the crazy ones, the thrilling ones! *it is a never ending […]

You came!

The mornings were still beautiful, but lonely. She missed him standing next to her and listen to the chirpy birds.  The memory of how he used to kiss on her cheek made her smile, every day. She still followed their morning routine, she made coffee, she watered plants, […]

Journal Entry

In the diary of her heart, one particular journal entry was the most preserved one. She still has the vivid picture of THAT day. The day when it rained, The day you held her hand, The day you chose to stand under the tree, The day you opted […]