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New Year’s Eve

How does it feel when something comes to an end? How does it feel when you finish a task? How does it feel when you turn the last page of a novel? How does it feel when a song ends? How does it feel when a movie ends? […]

You Were Meant Not To Fit

Do you find it difficult to blend in with the opinions of others? Well, I do! Most of the times, I have different opinions which instigate the disliking syndrome in fellow humans. Reason being, I am not  behaving the way they want me to. Actually, my brain does not behave […]

The Helping Couple

This post is for two of my favourite people in the world. They inspire me each and every time I meet them. Their house always gives positive vibes with a soothing chirping music in the background. Background first : Mrs. and Mr. Bagga. They have been married for […]