The Flowers You Bring

I love the flowers but not the store-bought ones, I love the flowers which you plucked from the garden thinking about me. I love the flowers which made you stop your way to an important meeting, The ones which made my face pop into your brain. I love […]

Favourite Blog Posts Of October

Some of the best pieces I have read this month: I highly recommend you guys to give them a read! Culture & Relationships: what do you think? Open all hours Time well spent: The importance of self-care  Even When You Can’t See… The Ghosts of Our Past One Pleasant Evening Scars […]

Shades Of Her

She could look delicate, Yet make you feel the strongest emotions. She could look fragile, Yet be your strongest pillar. She could look sophisticated, Yet her eyes will be glittering with mischief. She could look stoic, Yet show million of emotions at once. She could be clumsy, Yet […]