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Dear, Best Friend

Dear, Best friend I have made peace with the fact that you are never coming back. I have accepted that you are at a far away place and it is impossible, to contact, to share my feelings with you. I am sorry that I was mad at you […]

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

Hie everyone!! I am back for the third day of the “Three Day Quote Challenge”. I want to thank 2AM: Sceptical Monster  for this super fun nomination. The rules to be followed are: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for three consecutive days Nominate three new bloggers everyday For […]


The topic of love has always been tricky, yet dazzling. Everybody has their own definitions, stories and theories. This topic has the widest range of genres, from cute to hot, from sad to funny, the silly ones, the crazy ones, the thrilling ones! *it is a never ending […]

Carry On

Sometimes you have to fake it and carry on. Sometimes you have to throw the sad thoughts away and carry on. Sometimes you have to be strong and carry on. Sometimes you have to make choices and carry on. Sometimes you have to ignore what others say and […]