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Guide To A Solo Day-Out

Take a day out of your normal routine, put on your Carefree slippers and start moving. Go visit a place you have always wanted to. Create your own magical story. Be completely attentive to yourself, pamper the hell out of yourself and don’t think about “what if”, just […]

Boxing Up Memories

Have you ever been through a mixed state of emotions that you cannot decide whether to feel happy or to feel sad? That one particular thing, which you wanted so badly to happen, but when it finally happened, you were just left confused and tangled in a mess […]

After The Storm

Remember the time when you were struggling hard? Remember the time when you had trouble standing still? Remember the time when you encountered the storm? Let’s analyse storm figuratively, for once. A storm could be a loss of loved one, A storm could be a failed relationship, A […]

A Positive Piece Of Advice

Live life in such a fashion that every moment, every flavour becomes worth framing! No regrets, only lessons to be learnt. Seize the day and hang the highlights on the wall. Celebrate every day. Enjoy every moment! Okay, I know these kind of words look better on paper […]

The Sun Always Shines The Next Day

There comes an evening which carries hues of gloominess. You impatiently wait for the morning but all you get is painful, contemplating time which moves so slowly that you feel like everything is working in slow-mo and all you can do is, sync with the environment. No matter how […]

The First Rose

Doctors informed her that he could not make it. There, amidst all the chaos, her life stopped.She could not breathe, she could not react out loud, she lost control over her body. Her heart dropped into a bottomless pit and the only reaction coming out from her body were […]

You’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Have you ever woken up with the realization that you have been doing it all wrong? The approach you have been following, the idea you have been forming, basically every single thing you have done till today is NOT you. The goal which you have been working hard […]

She – Volume 7 : Flawsome

She is cheerful, She is bubbly, She is crazy, Outside the door. She spreads happiness, She spreads hope, She spreads positivity, Outside the door. She is flawless, She is peaceful, Outside the door. You think, you know her? You think, you unraveled the mystery? But, you only know […]

I Promise

I promise to give all my attention to you, just like the sunflower pays to the sun. I am just waiting for you to be like the sun. I promise to look at you just like the kid looks at the candy. I am just waiting for you to […]