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Shades Of Her

She could look delicate, Yet make you feel the strongest emotions. She could look fragile, Yet be your strongest pillar. She could look sophisticated, Yet her eyes will be glittering with mischief. She could look stoic, Yet show million of emotions at once. She could be clumsy, Yet […]

She – Volume 7 : Flawsome

She is cheerful, She is bubbly, She is crazy, Outside the door. She spreads happiness, She spreads hope, She spreads positivity, Outside the door. She is flawless, She is peaceful, Outside the door. You think, you know her? You think, you unraveled the mystery? But, you only know […]

She – Volume 5 : Adventures Of Her Soul

They said, “Wear pink”. She obliged. They said, “Don’t eat chocolate”. She obliged. They said, “Don’t sit like that”. She obliged. They said, “Don’t talk like that”. She obliged. They said, “Don’t talk to strangers”. She obliged. They said, “Give up on your dreams”. She nodded. They said,”Behave […]

She – Volume 2 : Confident Woman

She dressed herself in high-end confidence, She applied a hint of sass, She stood proud, The concept of Knight in the shining armor was long forgotten. She kept her head in clouds, She believed in herself, She treated herself with love, She was answerable only to herself, She […]