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7 Sins Of Mental Health

  On the seventh day of blogmas let’s talk about seven things which are so harmful to your mental health that they can be considered as sins 1) Self-diagnosis Everyone is different, every brain is wired differently, then what is the probability of you having the same mental […]

The Lifeline

I am celebrating the Hindu festival of brothers and sisters with a fun twist. I am telling all my brothers the things I have never said, I am going to tell them what makes them special. The sibling, the lifeline, the fourth. This one is for my baby […]

The Tallest In The Squad

Raksha Bandhan is finally here and I want to make this celebration of the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters extra special. I have never, in the history of ever, told my brothers that they are special to me. So, without further delay, I am going to do it today! […]