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Punishment Of Giving Up Hope

What is hope? Hope is a four letter word which basically defines the method of survival during all kinds of life situations. It is a strong force which keeps us on our toes and makes sure that we walk along the way which leads us to our goals. Hope ensures […]

A Positive Piece Of Advice

Live life in such a fashion that every moment, every flavour becomes worth framing! No regrets, only lessons to be learnt. Seize the day and hang the highlights on the wall. Celebrate every day. Enjoy every moment! Okay, I know these kind of words look better on paper […]

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Hie everyone!! I am back for the second day of the “Three Day Quote Challenge”. I want to thank 2AM: Sceptical Monster  for this nomination. The rules to be followed are: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for three consecutive days Nominate three new bloggers everyday The quote […]


You. Yes you! The universe has planned something special for you. Just wait for the right moment, Just make apt efforts, Just continue being amazing, Just continue being YOU.

The Light Is Waiting

Walking through a dark path is scary Even for the brave hearts, it gets scary at a point of time, Whether they agree or not. You start losing your mind, negative thoughts invade the precious space of your smart mind and you start working on fight or flight […]


Is this the end?? She asked in a concluding tone. Maintaining the poker face, he replied, Our paths will cross again, someday With a flicker of underlying emotions, We will nod and move on Putting on the facade,again! Shaking hands, wishing luck, They parted. Until they meet AGAIN.