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The Melody Of Life

Every scar is a medal on its own. Every wound is a trophy on its own. To celebrate the journey we have been through. To salute the growth which followed. Yes, I am more beautiful than ever! Yes, I am stronger than ever! I remember every step I […]

She – Volume 1

She had a routine to follow, She had her set of daily chores, She had a family to feed, She had to live by the society’s norms, She had a pressure of living up with expectations, She had her DREAMS. She checked out all the tasks, Except ONE. […]

A journey of LIFETIME

Life. A journey where every traveler undergoes a bittersweet experience and every flavour is worth tasting. A journey where they tangle the untangled and untangle the tangled. A journey where the fellow travelers become the loved ones. A journey where nobody cares about the destination. A journey of […]