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The Thoughts On Thoughts

Our mind is a genius which continually weaves long chains of thoughts, they have the tendency to give an individual a world tour in the blink of an eye. Some thoughts are celebrated loudly and some are kept hidden inside the folds of our mind. Sometimes, the thoughts kept […]

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Hie everyone!! I am back for the second day of the “Three Day Quote Challenge”. I want to thank 2AM: Sceptical Monster  for this nomination. The rules to be followed are: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for three consecutive days Nominate three new bloggers everyday The quote […]


Is this the end?? She asked in a concluding tone. Maintaining the poker face, he replied, Our paths will cross again, someday With a flicker of underlying emotions, We will nod and move on Putting on the facade,again! Shaking hands, wishing luck, They parted. Until they meet AGAIN.