Tag: short stories

The Absence Of Us

I stood by the window, Letting the tickling rays of sun fall on my face. Hoping for you to bring that cup of coffee, The same one which you brought every day. But here I stand, reminiscing. A lone tear crawls down, caressing my cheek, Just like the […]

She – Volume 3 : A Mother

She made cute things, She listened to  your stupid ramblings, She cared enough to not judge you, She stood by you, ALWAYS. She guided you, She taught you, She made the thing called life, easier for you, She told you how beautiful you are, She made life positively […]

She – Volume 2 : Confident Woman

She dressed herself in high-end confidence, She applied a hint of sass, She stood proud, The concept of Knight in the shining armor was long forgotten. She kept her head in clouds, She believed in herself, She treated herself with love, She was answerable only to herself, She […]

She – Volume 1

She had a routine to follow, She had her set of daily chores, She had a family to feed, She had to live by the society’s norms, She had a pressure of living up with expectations, She had her DREAMS. She checked out all the tasks, Except ONE. […]

A journey of LIFETIME

Life. A journey where every traveler undergoes a bittersweet experience and every flavour is worth tasting. A journey where they tangle the untangled and untangle the tangled. A journey where the fellow travelers become the loved ones. A journey where nobody cares about the destination. A journey of […]