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She – Volume 2 : Confident Woman

She dressed herself in high-end confidence, She applied a hint of sass, She stood proud, The concept of Knight in the shining armor was long forgotten. She kept her head in clouds, She believed in herself, She treated herself with love, She was answerable only to herself, She […]

She – Volume 1

She had a routine to follow, She had her set of daily chores, She had a family to feed, She had to live by the society’s norms, She had a pressure of living up with expectations, She had her DREAMS. She checked out all the tasks, Except ONE. […]

That Evening

The evening when you realized what you exactly want, when you made peace with yourself, when you accepted your flaws, when you fully discovered who you are. When you were finally feeling free, happy and full of energy. When you appreciated the sunset, admired its hue. That moment […]

Journal Entry

In the diary of her heart, one particular journal entry was the most preserved one. She still has the vivid picture of THAT day. The day when it rained, The day you held her hand, The day you chose to stand under the tree, The day you opted […]

A journey of LIFETIME

Life. A journey where every traveler undergoes a bittersweet experience and every flavour is worth tasting. A journey where they tangle the untangled and untangle the tangled. A journey where the fellow travelers become the loved ones. A journey where nobody cares about the destination. A journey of […]

Savour The Moment

Let’s walk hand in hand, Let’s get lost, Let’s enjoy the live chirping concert, Let’s collect wild flowers, Let my hair be your canvas, Let the flowers be your paint, Let your shining eyes be my mirror, Let your heartbeat be my rhythm, Let your presence calm my […]

The Light Is Waiting

Walking through a dark path is scary Even for the brave hearts, it gets scary at a point of time, Whether they agree or not. You start losing your mind, negative thoughts invade the precious space of your smart mind and you start working on fight or flight […]


Is this the end?? She asked in a concluding tone. Maintaining the poker face, he replied, Our paths will cross again, someday With a flicker of underlying emotions, We will nod and move on Putting on the facade,again! Shaking hands, wishing luck, They parted. Until they meet AGAIN.